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Now live in Cape Town and Johannesburg

Art Meets is a Cape Town based initiative. Working with an expanding number of artists, curators, writers and other organizations in an ongoing partnership, Art Meets is a collaborative platform focusing on content production, exhibition making and facilitating gatherings for critical discussion and new projects. Art Meets, in all its endeavors, is foremost in service of artists.

Art Meets Camera | Exhibitions

Art Meets Camera is the title under which we host exhibitions. Art Meets Camera does not operate as a permanent gallery space due to the importance of site specificity in our curated exhibitions, directly informed by the spaces in which they are experienced. Exhibitions are curated to explore the influence of visual culture and visual technology on contemporary artistic practice in relation to psycho-social behaviour.

The artists we work with consider the role of photography and new media as part of their thought process, either visually or conceptually present in the resulting artwork.

Art Meets TV | Recording Future Histories

Art Meets TV is a YouTube channel. We record and publish content for artists and institutions, as well as invite artists to contribute their own content. Art Meets TV aims to create an extensive archive of contemporary art practice on the African continent by recording future histories and parallel narratives to avoid a singular narrative essentially dictated by commercial spaces.

 Art Meets App | Connecting People Through Art

Download the Art Meets app to find (and add) up to date information and use our interactive map to locate and navigate art spaces, exhibitions and events.

The Art Meets app connects users to a vast and layered contemporary art landscape, providing access to information on art spaces and events. The app also allows artists and art spaces to add their own locations and events to the map. Available free on iTunes and Google Play as well as online at artmeetsapp.com.