..Alice Gauntlett

Gathering | Inkjet prints, jumbo prints and bandages | 140 x 360 cm

Gathering | Inkjet prints, jumbo prints and bandages | 140 x 360 cm

"My work is concerned with the disruption of photographs. This process of disruption first occurs within the photograph itself through motion blur and cropping obscuring the subject matter.  I then attempt to disrupt the physicality of photographs through the process of working with photographs as material for collages. I re-mediate photographs that I have taken along with other materials through a process-performance of collaging. I physically reconfigured my work by cutting up photographs, stitching them, or covering them in stockings, masking tape, micropore and bandages. In some works I submerge the surface with glue.  I re-imagine the images collectively, often cropping and layering.

Binding | Jumbo prints & packaging tape | 63,5 x 48cm

Works from the project Out-of-Place show a fractured and fracturing view of the relationship between the body and home space. This is negotiated/renegotiated through various actions, or performances; the performance of the body in the space which is then documented; and the performance of transformation of the photographs through my sticking, cutting and stitching them.  As I fracture my space and body so do I try to cosset and repair it. My new work has shifted to focus on the body. I am currently interested not in locating a body within a space but the body as a space surrounded by skin. "

- Alice Gauntlett

Installation view (Appearing, Murmuring, Emerging)

After completing her Honours degree at the Michaelis School of Fine Art, Gauntlett went on to a acquire her postgraduate teaching diploma (also at UCT) before completing her MAFA at Michaelis in 2013. Gauntlett was a Merit Award Winner at the ABSA Lā€™ Atelier  in 2011 and recently exhibited with ABSA at the KKNK (2014). She is currently making work and tutoring at Michaelis.

Dissolving | 8x10 prints, microcpore, thread | 22 x 133cm

..Jake Singer

Jake Singer graduated from Michaelis last year with distinction and a sold out exhibition.

A brilliant sculptor with a developed sense of spatial relationships, Singer's photographic documentations inspire his sculptural creations. Look out for his work at the Nirox Winter Sculpture Fair in May 2014.