Featured Artist:

Harris Steinman

Each month Art Meets Camera will feature a single exhibition by an emerging artist who we deem worthy of attention. November's lens is on Harris Steinman's Figments

                                         Please ensure that your audio is on to view the video.

Figments 2013

Steinman's evocative series reflects the disconnection of memories from their reality. 'Figments' sees Steinman set forth on a moving and intimate journey in an attempt to heal and to make sense of the sub-conscious influence that predicates his current state of being. The artists returns to his childhood town to capture these surreal images at nightfall from the safety of his vehicle. Secretly claiming these images from a distance, Steinman eerily translates his apprehension to dismantle the past. Steinman probes the space of the imagination and ones own perception of what is 'real'. These mundane neighborhood scenes come alive with the sense of a haunting presence hidden from sight. For a moment, we are allowed to see into the inaccessible and private spaces of the artist's own struggle to accept and let go of that which has past.

November 2013 - Harris Steinman