Following her hugely successful series Umaskhenkethe, Nqaba’s new body of work, Ndiyayekelela
(Letting go) embodies the artist’s struggle to come to terms with the loss of her father. Using symbolic
materials that recall her past, Nqaba battles with feelings of guilt, anger, satisfaction and confusion,
reinforcing her physical presence. 

The artist’s movements - together with the carefully selected
materials - conjure up old memories, bringing them to life through photography.
The artists exploration carries the story of many South African people who identify
with these materials as part of a daily struggle.

Sobabini | Performance With Siwa Mgoboza

Sobabini plays out as an extension of Nqaba's new work and explores evolving African narratives, visions and voices. In Sobabini meaning Both of us, Nqaba and Mgoboza explore their respective artistic ouvres and through a conversation in movement are able to unravel and transcend the boundaries of individual identity. The performance will took place at the Carreau du Temple, Paris, France on 12 November 2016.