Pinhole/Asshole (2011)


Images shot on this hand-made pinhole camera [35mm]

  • 10cm x 15cm (incl. border)
  • Giclee mounted prints 
  • Photographed using a hand-made matchbox pinhole camera  (35mm film)
  • Not editioned (once-offs)


The advent of smartphones marked the beginning of a new type image of making. Instagram, Retro Camera and other photographic applications provided a fast growing platform for smartphone users to tap into idiosyncratic image making, packed with filters and effects that resemble the lo-fi photographic techniques of novelty and amateur photography of yesteryear. These seductive colors and effects produced by just the slide of a button proved to be so popular and convincing that users became comfortable enough to proclaim the status of photographer and even enter the ranks of the artist.

 Pinhole/Asshole is a photographic response to the mass images that smartphone users produce through a series of photographs produced by handmade pinhole cameras.

These cameras produce similar effects and flaws as emulated by the digital media available on any app store, however, it considers the fact that the image maker produced these effects manually. The image maker now produces unique images rather than generic emulations and now reclaims the arena of enigmatic image making through analogue techniques unique to the pinhole cameras which leaves traces of the image makers own production. The series of images keeps to the tradition of mundane subject matter, however provides a fresh vantage point, as the perspective is shifted with the use of unusual angles of view onto the mundane subject: the artist himself.

- Adam Munro (2011)


*This body of work was completed at Michaelis School of Fine Art 2011 (supervisors: Svea Josephy and Jean Brundrit)