phrase NORTH AMERICAN informal

  1. 1.

    eccentric or unconventional.

OFF THE WALL is focused on creating a more conscious engagement with the camera's manipulative presence by re-organizing the viewer's perception of photography as a two-dimensional translation of space. 

An exhibition about photography.

Photography is ubiquitous in contemporary society as the camera takes on many roles: it can function as protective or invasive, act as companion or fuel fear, record evidence or misguide our trust. It can store memories or manipulate them. The height of visual communication is overwhelming and we are so accustomed to the presence of photography that seeing it (still flat) in a gallery space has become rather boring. 

Essentially functioning to translate/transform a 3D spatial experience into a flattened reading, our engagement with photographs has become passive and comfortable - completely disguising the camera's objectnessOFF THE WALL aims to re-negotiate this space by directing our engagement toward the photographic process and it's various incarnations, through work that reconstructs/deconstructs the nature of photography itself. 

  • Entries must include some form of photographic material / reference.
  • Consider the inherent nature of the camera in manufacturing meaning, and the role of the viewer in re-organizing meaning.
  • Applicants are required to submit supporting text.
  • Applicants may submit more than one work (a series of works).
  • Works must be fully realized by the submission deadline. For exceptional cases please email before the deadline.
  • Open to submissions from all African countries. Selected works from outside of Cape Town must be sent to Cape Town 1 month in advance of the exhibition opening. Should you require assistance with these arrangements please contact us.
  • Applications are not limited to a set scale. These decisions depend entirely on the nature of the work.

Selected artists will be notified by 03 January 2015 and included in an OFF THE WALL exhibition/s to take place in Cape Town early 2015 - Venue/s TBA

For further queries please contact Michaela Limberis at