Untitled - Collaboration between Jake Singer and Thuthuka Sibisi

Click here to read Jake Singer and Thuthuka Sibisi's interview for 'MORPHOS - Sustainable Empires' exhibition in Venice, Italy:

  • shot on a disposable camera
  • archival ink on 100% cotton paper
  • 42 x 56 cm
  • edition of 5

Artist Statement

The point of departure of this body of work deals with the changing identity in a changing space. So in the context of the festival’s theme which is “sustainable empires”, the work positions itself with respect to the body of the “Other” in a space whose architecture represented the interests of the hegemony. So it looks for a new way of making sense of an architecture or space that pre-1994 was used to oppress and suppress, and herein we attempt to locate our own identities.

- Jake Singer