I am Adam. I was born with a penis. I am by definition a man. I am (by association) masculine by default. My body is coded with meaning by default.                                                                                                                 Stripped bare of my personality - removed from all cultural context - my body still provides information that can be read and analyzed without my subjective censorship.

This method of working proposes a venture into looking at the body as an object in order to determine whether or not masculinity can be inscribed on the body, or if masculinity is something that could be performed. 

By stripping my body bare of all subjective constructs such as clothing or hairstyle, I investigate what is left behind...

By objectifying my own body in my work, I rely on the liberating concepts of feminist artists to reclaim the Gaze for myself and provide an alternative perspective to the penetrating public Gaze, with definitive expectations of my male body. 

- Adam Munro